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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


15:56Robert Bigelow Tells Bob Lazar Stories
Robert Bigelow Tells Bob Lazar StoriesÁhorf 164 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
12:12What Got Robert Bigelow Interested in UFO's?
What Got Robert Bigelow Interested in UFO's?Áhorf 106 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
9:32Will Conor McGregor Still Be Competitive in MMA?
Will Conor McGregor Still Be Competitive in MMA?Áhorf 1 m.18 klukkustundum síðan
8:50Kevin Holland on Upcoming Fight with Derek Brunson
Kevin Holland on Upcoming Fight with Derek BrunsonÁhorf 246 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
10:54Who is the Greatest Boxer of All Time?
Who is the Greatest Boxer of All Time?Áhorf 302 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
10:05Analyzing R. Kelly
Analyzing R. KellyÁhorf 688 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
6:44Freddie Gibbs Talks Cocaine with Joe Rogan
Freddie Gibbs Talks Cocaine with Joe RoganÁhorf 727 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
11:22Tim Dillon's AirBnB Saga
Tim Dillon's AirBnB SagaÁhorf 946 þ.18 klukkustundum síðan
7:23The FBI Investigating Governor Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths
15:41Cody Garbrandt's COVID Battle
Cody Garbrandt's COVID BattleÁhorf 711 þ.7 dögum síðan
7:24Cody Garbrandt Looks Back on TJ Dillashaw Fights
10:42Cody Garbrandt's Comeback
Cody Garbrandt's ComebackÁhorf 354 þ.7 dögum síðan


  • What a load off bullshit, obvious Pentagon dis/misinformation!

  • Spotify just ran a bunch of commercials, and stopping the page didn't stop it, had to hit quit on a dropdown box, such a rip off.

  • is it just me or Rogan sounds like he supports trump?

  • So he said an alien piped a monkey and created humans 🤔

  • How the hell did you go there porn sex???

  • That was a great segment

  • Joe really wants us to get spotify

  • Jesus with the n word

  • @grimes Would make me happy... @ynet Whatever @bild I'm just a dictator @openai

  • I find it really racist how Rogan's accent changes around black people. Why do liberals do that?

  • I've been in two of his garages ... Coolest day ever ...

  • People keep mentioning the government as if there is this dichotomy of government and the public, which is ok as a basic way of explaining and understanding how society works, but in this case it is important to question the possibility of organization(s) that exist outside the "government," yet very much connected to government. I believe there is a correlation between the Trump presidency and efforts to expose and interdict this phantom known as the Deep State, which may be linked to human and alien activity. Efforts against often demonic and occult activities such as the sexual exploitation of children, as well as drug trafficking and other black market activities may be related to the ufo and aliens activity; nevertheless, I believe it is important to publicly recognize that many government employees at the highest levels may have little knowledge or control of these programs. We know that the government is divided about anti drug activities. How can the DEA effectively interdict drug trafficking activity if the CIA, in particular a possibly compartmentalized group within the CIA, has had well documented activity in supporting, controlling, and profiting from drug trafficking activities for decades. There is even a movie about it with Tom Cruise called American Made.

  • It's so strange how the left thinks the government should be involved in every detail of our lives EXCEPT for defending our rights-- Including life itself...

  • For me, the greatest pound4pound boxer of all time was Sugar Ray Robinson.

  • Sugar ray had a 91 fight win streak in his prime, beat “jack” lamotta 5 out of the six times they fought & never got knocked out by lamotta

  • In reference to the "giant granite beams dilemma" in the Giza Pyramids. The Egyptians built a canal from the Nile river to the location of the Pyramids. They then used bloated animal skins to provide buoyancy to float these giant stones and building blocks up the canal using sluice gates. They also used the surface of the water as a level to perfectly shape said stones and building blocks. They basically would flood a floor, place the blocks, flood another floor up and so on and so on. To say they used "telekinetic powers" is a little far fetched on actual engineering practices.

  • I love it how Rogan and Musk were jerking each other off over moving themselves and their money to the promised land of Texas and then 4 days later this shitstorm happened.

  • This guy is boring to talk to.

  • Why does JRE podcast room look like a depressing nuclear bunker?

  • I'm so proud of Jack Dorsey for coming out as being a bona fide homosexual

  • 1:50 0,5x speed Way too funny

  • He's in their club. Nothing will happen to him. This is all to maintain the illusion of objectivity.

  • Token was here.

  • Denies climate change, abandons his state when a crazy snowstorm hits, guys like Joe Rogan and Shen Bapiro throw up their hands to defend him and say “well what can he do *shrugs*”......profit?

  • Three hours and not a single mention of Skin Walker Ranch? I was conned into listening to this on Spotify, you dirty bald boomer....

  • Congratulations Mr. Rogan, Elon now, literally are at another level of understanding of consciousness and mentally. He's an example of someone who are hyper intelligent that is above genius terminology.

  • This dude looks like Angelo Bruno

  • Lennox Lewis!

  • I like her now. Her personality is amazing. Get her on again. Please.!

  • Best scientists are always spiritual too. Idiots think Earth is a spec of dust in this universe but they are the big boss who knows everything. Humans are not the only "intellegence" on earth. A tiger knows how to hunt better than you, a bee knows how to collect honey, a bird knows how to build a nest. Etc Intelligence is hard wired in various ways. Respect everything that you see on this earth. Even a pebble in front of you has been here since thousands of years.

  • Roe Rogan: Religion...ridiculous. UFOs...fascinating.

  • Wow, this is a good one. 10-15% of what AJ says is bonkers, but there's some really important stuff in the other 85%.... Always entertaining...

  • Too many people believe that Ali - Cooper glove story. Reality was, there was a small tear in the glove that Angelo Dundee knew about, but wasn't concerned with. When Ali got dropped hard at the end of round 4, Dundee figured he'd try to buy some extra time for his man by alerting the referee about the tear. In the end, it brought Ali about 5 extra seconds. As Cooper said after, "to a fit guy, 5 seconds is a lifetime." There was never a 5 minute delay, never a pair of replacement gloves brought out. The whole fight is on ISmem if anyone wants to see for themselves.

  • Do we have enough resources on Earth to satisfy this asshole's ego?

  • Rogan got Bigelow to come on!!!?? Ho-LY SHITE!!

  • Floyd’s the greatest of all time 😆in this era yes but go through his record & there’s 5-6 known names on his record

  • Waste of an Aykroyd interview to be honest.

  • My top 5: SRR, Ali, Pacquiao, Mayweather, and Armstrong. In that order.

  • Show is great until the last 45 minutes when Joe starts philosophizing. It just comes off dumb.

  • Ted can raise money for Texans. No?

  • Wackenhutt Security.....look into it😁

  • why are people so amazed about joe's knowledge about R&B music and slang he's not a square🙄

  • Now I'm watching R Kelly video as comedy, hahaha

  • Joe: “clouds r alive man”😂( lights up a joint as saying that)

  • I know Joe wants aliens to be real but I still don't understand having these story tellers on the show. And their stories suck.

  • WE arent on a spinning ball

  • Best scientists are always spiritual too. Idiots think Earth is a spec of dust in this universe and they are the big boss here.

  • I love you Joe how you actually can talk with anyone with respect and the guests shows their real side, which I’ve ever seen anywhere. I liked Malone before but now I really love that mf.... I think people who gives him hate would think again if they would see this! Joe and Post Malone you are legends! Let’s give em both love! This is the 3rd time I listen to this.

  • I want to add something else. If you have allergies, find local, natural honey. Eat a spoonful a day. Maybe it will help. That is what my mother did with me since I was young since I had sinus issues and I have never had a sinus issue except the years I did not eat honey before allergy season.

  • Spotify sucks!!!

  • 93% Cocaine!? Cocaine isn’t even 93% cocaine!

  • Re was

  • Will somebody PLEASE remove the "R" after Close, and have the decency to spell the last name of your subject correctly? It's Vallée, okay? Not Valle. It bugs me no end when people post something as important as the headline, and don't even check it first. At least they managed to spell Spielberg right. Thank you. End rant.

  • this dude is on a large amount of amphetamines or cocaine or both, damn Alex slow it down, bud. Fuckin cackling Hen.

  • I didn’t know people didn’t believe in dinosaurs... people are weird

  • barely heard Gibbs talking :'( this is sad

  • tribunal de justiça para o juiz responder****** criminosa que que trabalha dentrome mostra por que quando o crime chega aos tribunais de justiça é para o juiz responder à alturada mesma forma que entra é difícil mulher

  • So do I understand correctly? Since the Spotify deal Joe can’t post the whole episode here?

  • Marvelous marvin hagler, and yes he did beat sugar ray leonard. That was a bullshit decision.

  • Tem o Baldo existe a p*** que tá destruindo a p*** p*** tá destruindo as palavras carapuça tá causando revolta contracausando crime ela vem causando o crime um escândalo contra o direitos humanos é difícil você entender por isso tá causando revolta as pessoas eu não tô nem aí eu vou compartilhar cada vez mais para as pessoas matar e destruir

  • Good ole Jeremy, here again to leech fame

  • Joe was deflated by Elon's answer on solar power on cars...

  • Where’s the data on white people getting killed by cops? Latest statistics I’ve seen there about the same...

  • One of the mantras uttered throughout season one of Westworld TV Series is the phrase "It doesn't look like anything to me." Hosts were programmed to simply not register anything that didn't fit with their programmed worldview. (talking with Elon about aliens)

  • If anyone wanted to organize a boycott Twitter movement I'd have Twitter off my phone in 8 seconds

  • Conor is done

  • This guess comes across as a total yes man.

  • He tried boxing the last guy and got beat

  • sick

  • Wonderful interview. I now have a deep appreciation for Miley.

  • Eu fosse se eu fosse contras lei eu não respeitava as leis eu não tinha entendido a eu fosse contras lei tia unido toda a constituição federal para investigar o processo e tudo o processo que e vai para o que está fazendo escândalopessoa do jeito que os juízes vai analisar e eu fosse do mal saria juntando aqui se eu fosse do mal porque eu busquei o apoio de todos eles por que une todos eles por que une o exército porque oo FBI um exército a constituição federalmesmo assim eles levam a vergonha e o escândalo que eu vou ter que ir para cima e Botafogo e

  • The fucking throat noises

  • I understand why aliens don’t fuck with us. Hell, I don’t even fuck with people nowadays. People are so pathetic in this era. Bunch of political correct, not caring about their rights or themselves. I’m available aliens or government 🙋‍♂️

  • Freedom dividend Jeeeeesssus fuckin Christ on the cross

  • The “Woke Left(Wokeistan) and the Magaestan needs to go away. Authoritarianism is a problem on the Left and Right.

  • The kamala conversation was pretty good

  • I love the throat sounds Robert continually makes throughout the podcast. It's great.

  • uma vergonha aos tribunais os tribunaismeses e meses os meses e meus tribunal de justiça após uma juíza criminosa que destróitribunal de justiça protegendo uma criminosa

  • "AI" (Neural networks) are ~ human spirit "Turning Machines" are ~ human logic

  • "Iran Contra crack " 🤣😂